Welcome to DKI Design Associates.
…where we are passionate about great architecture and all
things sustainable.
As Architects, Engineers, and Developers, we believe it is our responsibility to design high-performing,
healthy buildings that positively impact the people, environment, and communities they serve. We do this
by creating facilities that are resource-efficient, site and community enhancing, and provide a healthy and
enjoyable experience for the people within them.
We work in close partnership with our clients, focusing on their needs and stylistic preferences.
DKI Design Associates work has a strong contemporary signature which is not only evident in her work
in this genre but is skillfully integrated into both classic and leisure designs to match her client’s tastes.

Well positioned in the Lekki axis of Lagos Nigeria,
we as a group of creative professionals have a strong passion for modern and contemporary Architecture
and also greatly value each other, our clients, our community and our earth.
With over 15 years experience in the design and construction industry, first as a Subsidiary to CleftRock
Nig. Ltd, an indigenous building construction firm located in Lekki axis of Lagos, operate now as a fully
registered consultancy firm in Nigeria. We have Qualified professionals with exceptional skills and
experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects both in the public and private
sectors. Our excellent communication, public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills, combined
with our deep knowledge of engineering and architectural codes, make us a highly valuable company to
reckon with. –

Our Responsibilities also involves Preparing information regarding design, specifications, materials and
equipment. Drawing up costs, schedules and other elements associated with construction projects.
Directing the production of construction documents, drawings and specifications. Also Coordinating
schedules and workloads and reviewing architectural documents for potential conflict with other
disciplines, generally acting as the leading team contributor and coordinator of design problem-solving.
Responsible for overseeing that all necessary testing is completed and subsequent information is reported
We also take bold steps in Built CAD drawings based on information provided by clients and engineers,
Prepare engineering support for in-house projects, Conduct research needed to complete architectural
projects, complete design works, including schematics and cost estimates for in-house projects Provide
technical expertise and guidance in preparation of efficient datasets, layouts, work statements, drawings
and delivery schedules –
Assisting in the coordination of plans and designs, helped to monitor the flow of development activities
to ensure completion of architectural work for new construction projects, Conducting studies and special